Oasis documentary 'Supersonic' looks REALLY good

As I listen to Oasis's 'Acquiesce', it reminds me of the new Oasis doc coming out called 'Supersonic'. Trailer below.


And then to remind us that Oasis really took no shit at gigs or anywhere else, check the clip below.

For whatever reason, there's only a one-night-only theatrical run in the United States on October 26, then no word on DVD/Blu-Ray info or a Netflix type thing. In addition to the new documentary, Oasis are reissuing their 1997 album Be Here Now on October 14, this Friday (via Big Brother). The reissue will be available on standard CD and vinyl, and as a special edition 3xCD package. The 3XCD package includes a disc of “B-Sides & Extra Tracks” and the “Mustique Demos.”

Oh, this is still one of their best songs as well, by the way. #Acquiesce