Are You a Grammar or Spelling Nazi?

Katie Nash, a web experience coordinator for a school district, was recently fired for correcting a kid's spelling on Twitter.  The kid in question didn't throw a fit about the correction and the exchange wasn't rude or degrading but still, Katie lost her job for being a Spelling Nazi.

Are you a Grammar and/or Spelling Nazi?  Do you post online or send text with absolutely zero cares if it's correct as long as you get your point across?  Weigh in at 559-228-1041.  I'll be honest, sometimes I make errors and feel horrified and just wait for the correction to come from some righteous individual looking to stroke their own ego.  That said, I will also judge people if their spelling or grammar is atrocious. Especially if you're messaging me trying to look attractive.  You've been warned.

Click here for Katie's full story.