Where in the World are the Hot People?

I think it's a little ridiculous that we still have things like beauty pageants but that aside, the Miss Universe Contest was held over the weekend and Miss France was named the winner.  These are very beautiful and talented women, no doubt about that.

So in a time where I think we need to lighten the mood and appreciate the diversity that this world brings us, let's level the playing field and get right to it–Fill in the blank– "The hottest men/women are from ______."

Weigh in here or at 559-228-1041 for a chance to win courtesy of the Table Mountain Casino Prize Window.  What you ask?  Well since the topic is lowkey creepy, how about tickets to see that band that had the creepiest song of 2016, "Somebody Else"?  The 1975.

And if you're interested in coverage on Miss Universe, click here.