Backstage with Twenty One Pilots

Ten months of waiting and the "Emotional Roadshow Tour" with Twenty One Pilots in Fresno last night was worth all of the buildup.  This was my first time seeing them and I've been a fan for several years but after last night, it is absolutely clear they've earned all of the acclaim showered on them, especially as of late.

It was especially awesome because for the first time ever, I got to take my kids to a show that both they and I really were looking foward to seeing (you see, their taste in music is often questionable despite their parents' best efforts).  From seeing Judah & the Lion do an acoustic set, to the meet n greet with TOP (which was surprise) to this interview you are about to see, AND that was all BEFORE the stellar show– It was a great night to be a fan in Fresno.

So here's the video of my impromptu interview with Tyler and Josh, who could not have been more welcoming and real.  They are also obviously very appreciative of their fans and still impacted by the fact that their music helps people get better.  Filing this one under "Career Highlights" for sure.  Also, I'm aware my Resting Bitch Face is of epic proportions.  Trying to not fan girl out on them combined with zero prep made for a fun experience.