Surprise new music from Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness ‘Ohio’

Surprise Surprise! New music from Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness! dropped this past Friday and is called ‘Ohio’. AND this makes my day totally and completely.


“Ohio” isn’t attached to any album, and, in fact, McMahon didn’t even mean to write it. As he explains in a Facebook post, the song took form while he was “sitting in my little back house studio and making noises until they sounded like music.”

“It’s rare for me to dig so far into my memory, but in this case the call was not one that could go unanswered,” McMahon writes. “‘Ohio’ is about my families pilgrimage from a small town in Ohio to the coast of California. I call it a pilgrimage because that’s how it felt. At least that’s how I remember it.” Peep the ‘You Tube Visualizer’ i.e. lyric video below and grab ‘Ohio’ at all digital outlets