The Black Keys get some therapy in the new video ‘Go’

The Black Keys have been gone for five years before reconnecting for their new album Let’s Rock, and during that time, TONS OF rumors grew about possible friction between Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney (“Did the Black Keys split?” is one of the first Google questions that comes up if you search for the band.)


In the new video for their new song “Go,”, they kind of (totally) make fun of that whole narrative. The video, directed by Bryan Schlam (who has made videos for Auerbach, James Bay and more.) Auerbach and Carney, refusing to speak with one another, meet with a therapist before heading to a spiritual retreat, where they work things out, with help from hallucinogens. “It was great making this video with Bryan, particularly because it was filmed at the very type of place it is making fun of,” Carney adds, referring to the spiritual retreat. Auerbach jokes, “The video was fun, but we still haven’t spoken.” Watch the video for “Go” below