Lana Del Rey covering Sublime’s ‘Doin’ Time’ is everything

Lana Del Rey covering Sublime? And it’s really, really good! The singer, who previously teased the cover, takes on late singer Bradley Nowell’s smooth-talking vocals, adding her signature sultry vibe to the song. The cover was produced by Andrew Watt and Happy Perez, and will appear in the upcoming documentary Sublime, which “outlines the history of the iconic California band.”

“Not a day goes by that I don’t listen to at least one Sublime song,” Del Rey said in a statement. “They epitomized the SoCal vibe and made a genre and sound totally their own.”


Sublime, the documentary, was directed by Oscar-winner Bill Guttentag, who previously helmed Twin Towers and You Don’t Have to Die. The film premiered at New York’s Tribeca Film Festival in April.