Weezer honors essential workers with new song, ‘Hero’

Weezer is back with another new track from ‘Van Weezer‘, called ‘Hero‘. Big guitars, awesome lyrics and everything we love about Weezer. Check it out below.

To mark the release of “Hero,” Weezer has also teamed with Postmates and the volunteer group, Feed Hero Nurses, to deliver meals to the nurses at Los Angeles’ Good Samaritan Hospital tonight, May 6th.

Weezer was set to release Van Weezer this month, but in sharing “Hero,” they announced that they would be pushing back the LP because of the coronavirus. “And because we don’t want to give another release date until we’re absolutely sure of it, we’ll just say ‘stay tuned for more info,’” the band added. “In the meantime, we’re working hard on getting you all the new Weezer you can handle including music and more surprises getting announced later this week.”