Try to move the boat in the Suez Canal with this new video game

So, thank you Twitter and the internet.

A Twitter user has created a video game to capture the “gargantuan” task of freeing the Ever Given boat from where it is stuck in Egypt’s Suez Canal.

The game, which only has three controls, allows users to try to free the boat, with the message “it’s super stuck” appearing when attempted.

Eric Wilder, who designed the game in around two hours, told the PA news agency that users play “as a tiny bulldozer, given the gargantuan task of freeing it.”

On Wednesday morning, Mr Wilder, a book cover designer from Rochester, New York said the game had amassed 38,000 views and 10,000 gameplays since he launched it on Friday.

He told the PA news agency: “I saw a number of memes going around featuring the boat and bulldozer and thought it was so funny.