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Hand Over the Candy and No Bunny Gets Hurt

Sure, you could focus on family time or the religious reasons behind Easter Sunday but this all falls short of the best part of Easter- THE CANDY.  Sure lots of other holidays provide chances to go into full-on sugar coma but only Easter brings it to you in so many cute colors.  PLUS you don't have to pretend to like your neighborhood kids or the random kids in your doorway asking for free candy like you do on Halloween.  

Understanding the importance of the ranking of Easter candy, the following list was published this week and dare I say, I don't hate it.  And they are absolutely right on #1.

8. Peeps
7. Whoppers Mini Robin's Eggs
6. Chocolate Covered Peeps
5. Jelly Belly Spring Mix
4. Cadbury Creme Eggs
3. Hollow Chocolate Bunnies
2. Cadbury Mini Eggs
1. Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs

For the article from Uproxx, click here.

And because it's not Easter without the Cadbury Creme Egg commercial...

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04/12/2017 6:40AM
​Hand Over the Candy and No Bunny Gets Hurt
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