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Jimmy Fallon's Rosetta Stone Spoof Will Help Anyone Translate Donald Trump

Translators of the world, Jimmy Fallon has your back.

Amid reports that interpreters are struggling to understand President Donald Trump because “it sounds like he’s speaking his own language,” the “Tonight Show” host unveiled a new (spoof) Rosetta Stone program on Friday.

The “Trumpese” edition of the language learning software helps people get to grips with what the commander in chief is really trying to say. So now there’s no excuse.


Check out the full segment above.

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Stephen Colbert Summarizes This Year's Oscar-Nominated Movies, Based Solely On Their Posters

Stephen Colbert admits to not watching the movies that are nominated for Best Picture at the 89th annual Academy Awards.

So for Friday’s broadcast of the “Late Show,” he got into the Oscars spirit by summarizing each of the contenders ― based solely on what he’d seen on their promotional posters.

Turns out “Lion” is literally about two lovers from the wrong sides of the tracks. (Well, according to Colbert, anyways).

Check out the full segment above and see the full list of Oscar nominations here.

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Stephen Colbert Takes Aim At Donald Trump's Nuclear Arsenal Ambitions

Stephen Colbert picked apart President Donald Trump’s desire to ramp up America’s nuclear arsenal on Friday.

The “Late Show” host first poked fun at the way in which the commander in chief said Thursday that he wanted to make the U.S. the “top of the pack” when it came to nukes.

“Not sure if he means top dog or leader of the pack,” quipped Colbert, “but either way, he is not the sharpest knife on the Christmas tree.”

Taking on a more serious tone, Colbert called a new proliferation of nuclear weapons a “terrifying prospect” — coming as it did following years of “careful” decommissioning.

“It’s like the Cold War all over again,” the host said. “But this time everyone’s on Russia’s side.”

Check out the full segment above.

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Someone Recut ‘La La Land’ As A David Lynch Movie, And It's Terrifying

La La Land” isn’t so dreamy any more.

The Oscar-nominated musical receives a dark makeover in this spoof trailer, which imagines how the movie would’ve turned out had it been directed by David Lynch.

You know, the filmmaker behind such macabre masterpieces as “Mulholland Drive,” “Blue Velvet” and “Eraserhead.”

Those endearing whistles from Ryan Gosling’s character Sebastian suddenly sound real sinister as his love story with Emma Stone’s character Mia takes an unexpected twist.

Mashable’s YouTube channel CineFix posted the haunting clip online Wednesday. 

Check out the full “trailer” above.

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U.S. Blocks Young Syrian 'White Helmets' Cinematographer From Oscars

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security at the last minute is barring a young Syrian cinematographer from entering the country to attend the Oscars. The compelling civil-war documentary he risked his life to work on has been nominated for an award.

Khaled Khatib, 21, was set to fly to Los Angeles via Istanbul Saturday, and had obtained a visa to do so. But U.S. officials suddenly found unspecified “derogatory information” linked to Khatib, reports The Associated Press. Khatib was detained in Turkey, and he now needs a passport waiver to enter the U.S., which he will not be able to obtain, according to internal Trump administration documents seen by AP. “Derogatory information” is a broad category that can be something serious to passport irregularities. It’s not clear why Khatib was detained in Trukey.

Khatib was a cinematographer on the 40-minute Netflix documentary “White Helmets,” which has been nominated for Best Documentary, Short Subject. It follows rescue workers for the Syrian Civil Defense White Helmets who have saved tens of thousands of lives during the nation’s bloody civil war. The group was founded in 2012 after a Syrian Air Force attack on civilians. It was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize in 2016. Khatib, who started filming the workers when he was just 16, is also a volunteer with the group. 

Some 120 White Helmets have been killed in recent years, including Khaled Omar, known as the “miracle baby rescuer” in Aleppo after pulling an infant out alive from the rubble of the baby’s home in 2014. Omar was killed in an airstrike in 2016. 

“White Helmets” director Orlando von Einsiedel had made a plea to the U.S. to allow those who had worked on and been featured in the film to attend the Oscars. The experience would not only be rewarding for them, he said, but with the world “so divided we could all learn from the White Helmets’ message od compassion and dignity.” After a court halted Trump’s travel ban, the filmmakers revived plans to bring Khatib and White Helmets leader Raed Saleh to Los Angeles.

Saleh will also not be attending now because of the demand of work in Syria.

Iranian filmmaker Asghar Farhadi, whose movie “Salesman” is up for Best Foreign Language Film, said last month that he would not attend the awards ceremony because of Trump’s controversial ban.

But Farhadi and the directors of the other four movies in the foreign language category issued an angry statement on Friday blasting America’s “climate of fanaticism and nationalism.” It’s unlikely the directors yet had word that Khatib would not be allowed to attend the Oscars.

“The fear generated by dividing us into genders, colors, religions and sexualities as a means to justify violence destroys the things that we depend on — not only as artists but as humans: the diversity of cultures, the chance to be enriched by something seemingly ‘foreign’ and the belief that human encounters can change us for the better,” their statement reads

“These divisive walls prevent people from experiencing something simple but fundamental: from discovering that we are all not so different.”

Regardless of “who wins the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film on Sunday, we refuse to think in terms of borders,” they wrote. “We believe there is no best country, best gender, best religion or best color. We want this award to stand as a symbol of the unity between nations and the freedom of the arts. Human rights are not something you have to apply for. They simply exist — for everybody.”

Khatib had desperately hoped to travel to the Oscars.

“I plan to travel to Los Angeles for the Oscars, where the film is nominated for an award,” he said earlier this month. “If we win this award, it will show people across Syria that people around the world support them. It will give courage to every volunteer who wakes up every morning to run towards bombs.” 

He added: “If I cannot enter the U.S., I will not give up. We know that we have many friends in the U.S., that there are people that share our humanitarian values. I look forward to meeting them all one day.”

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Here's What Seth MacFarlane Fears The Democrats Will Do To Counter Donald Trump

Seth MacFarlane voiced his fears over the future of the Democratic Party on Friday.

On “Real Time with Bill Maher,” the “Family Guy” creator said he was worried that the party would “take a trip from the Trump rulebook” and pick a liberal celebrity to be its next leader.

“‘They came up with Trump, we got Kanye,’” he imagined party leaders as saying. “I guess that wouldn’t be it, but you know, a celebrity. Take your pick of liberal celebrities,” he added.

MacFarlane said he was concerned that “instead of trying to tug things back in the direction of civility and dignity and nobility,” Democrats would say “’alright, well, this is obviously the way things are now, what do we to counter it?’”

Maher replied by suggesting that the party “split the difference” and get someone “with balls.” “I like Chuck Schumer, I like Nancy Pelosi, I really do, but we need new blood,” he added.

Check out the full interview via Mediaite here. We’ll post the full clip once it becomes available.

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Bill Maher: The Media Must Fight To Get Its Reputation Back

Bill Maher says it’s time for the media to step up and prove its trustworthiness. 

On Friday’s broadcast of “Real Time,” the host referenced the results of a recent Fox News poll which suggested that more people currently think they can trust President Donald Trump than they can the press.

Maher praised various outlets for already pushing back against the Trump administration’s falsehoods — such as NBC’s Chuck Todd for taking on Trump’s adviser Kellyanne Conway over her “alternative facts” and the New York Times for calling out Trump’s “lies” on its front page. 

But Maher said more needed to be done. “Can you imagine how this must make a reporter feel? To be losing a truthfulness contest to Donald Trump?” he asked. “It’s like losing a rap battle to Mitt Romney.”

After criticizing some of the media for sometimes focusing on fluffy, lighthearted stories, Maher said that “for the sake of the republic” they “gotta get serious again.” “You have to win your respect back so Trump can’t say ‘the people don’t believe you, you’re a joke,’” he added.

Check out the full segment above.

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These 'La La Land' Songwriters Are Also Behind Your Latest Broadway Obsession

Before a shower of Academy Awards rain down upon all those associated with  “La La Land” on Sunday, let’s take a moment to remember that two of the film’s nominees are also responsible for the biggest musical theater hit of the year.

Years before Mia and Sebastian danced among the stars, composers Benj Pasek and Justin Paul were already being hailed as the heirs to Rodgers and Hammerstein. With the debut of their celebrated new musical “Dear Evan Hansen,” currently playing at the Music Box Theatre in New York City, Pasek and Paul are poised to become the premier songwriting team working today. 

The two first met during their freshman year at the University of Michigan where they were both studying musical theater. Bonding over the shared embarrassment of being the two worst dancers in a ballet class, Pasek and Paul soon turned their attention to writing songs. After a transformative apprenticeship with “Avenue Q” co-creator Robert Lopez, the duo began developing an impressive resume filled with musical adaptations of movies like “Dogfight” and “A Christmas Story.” 

But it was “Dear Evan Hansen” that catapulted Pasek and Paul into the upper echelon of the musical theater community. Starring Ben Platt of “Pitch Perfect” as the anxious teenage depressive boy next door, “Dear Evan Hansen” has all the trappings of a hit modern musical. After a classmate he barely knew commits suicide, high schooler Evan (Platt) inserts himself into the lives of the deceased’s family, as he struggles with his own demons and self-confidence. The irresistibly catchy ballads pair well with the story of a teenager grappling with his place in the world, as big themes of love and loss are boiled down to a fiercely relatable level.

As the “Dear Evan Hansen” team was preparing for the show’s Broadway debut, the two already had their eye on another project: Damien Chazelle’s “La La Land.” In a pitch to the director, Pasek and Paul wrote the proposed lyrics for the song “City of Stars,” which garnered the duo a Golden Globe award earlier this year and is nominated for an Academy Award. Chazelle was immediately impressed, describing the duo as a “goldmine,” and the rest is award show history. 

Although “La La Land” and “Dear Evan Hansen” have little in common thematically ― one is consumed by nostalgia, while the other is decidedly forward-thinking ― in Pasek and Paul’s eyes, the two productions do share a connection. 

Speaking with The New York Times in November, Pasek said, “I think we’re attracted to material that’s hopeful and messy, and in that mess, there’s an attempt at getting at truth.”

Get to know Pasek and Paul a little better in the interview below. 

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19 Reasons Your Obsession With Dev Patel Is Justified

We need to talk about Dev Patel

The 26-year-old British Indian actor could walk away with the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his role in “Lion.” In the film, Dev plays Saroo Brierley, a man desperately searching for his family in India after being separated from them at the age of 5. 

It’s a great, fiery performance that deserves recognition in and of itself, but there’s another reason we’re rooting for him. Just read this tweet:

That is a huge deal. On-screen representation matters, and it’s especially important for Asian actors. According to a 2016 diversity study, Asian actors nabbed only 3.9 percent of speaking roles in film ― a stark contrast from the 73.7 percent white actors receive.

That’s not the only reason we’re pulling for Dev to win an Oscar, though. Below, a few reasons why we’re obsessed with the Oscar-nominated actor: 

— Before receiving all this Oscar buzz for “Lion,” Dev was in 2008’s massive hit “Slumdog Millionaire” and was equally amazing in that. Remember when he danced like this and low-key stole your heart? 

— He was also great on HBO’s “The Newsroom,” playing a blogger and the office’s resident computer geek.

— He was super cute back then, of course.

— But right around the time of “The Newsroom,” something began to change. Our nerdy-cute pretend boyfriend started to grow into his looks in a major way. It’s like one day the hair gods smiled down at Dev and said, “Hey, ‘Slumdog’ guy, it’s time to grow out that hair and drive everyone crazy with lust for your locks.” 

And grow it out he did. The swooshy-hair era began and nothing has been the same since. Dev has pretty much blossomed into full babe mode now. 

Woah, right?

— Those curls.

Seriously, THOSE CURLS.

— And dat smile.

— He also has a beautiful, classical profile. And the beard is good, too. (Let’s give credit where credit is due, guys.)

— He’s so good at posing for photo shoots, his side hustle should be modeling. (But please don’t stop acting, Dev.) 

— Then there’s his accent. Dev pulls off a pretty convincing Aussie accent in “Lion,” but his real-life British lilt will melt your heart.

Sigh. Please never stop touching your hair.

— All awards season long, Dev has been a big booster of Sunny Pawar, the adorable 8-year-old who plays the younger version of his character in “Lion.”

Like, he literally boosts him up: 

Sunny very impressively carries the first half of “Lion” all by himself and Dev gives him credit for that every chance he gets.

“He’s so incredible in this film, and I share this nomination with him in a big way,” Dev told the Los Angeles Times recently. 

Don’t pretend you weren’t deeply affected by the cuteness of their introduction of “Lion” at the Golden Globes. 

Same, girl, same. 

— Who’s he taking to the Oscars? Apparently, his mom, Anita. “That’s her moment,” he told the LA Times. “I’m her guest.”

D’aww. Here they are at a 2009 British awards party.

Gotta love a man who respects his mama.

— We also want him to win because we’re positive he’d be so humble and bashful during his acceptance speech. Just look at how he reacted to his name being called for his SAG award nomination. 

— And in spite of all the Oscar buzz surrounding him, Dev realizes we’re living in politically tumultuous times and there’s weightier things happening in the world right now. Here’s what he told the LA Times on the SAG Awards red carpet:

“At times like this, you’re constantly questioning what you’re doing at awards like this or promoting a movie. It feels so pointless. I look to the people around me and they remind me the message of this film, of the art we’re trying to inject into the world right now. It’s about unification,” he added. “When I think about that, it makes me have a little bit more strength.”

— Oh, and another thing: He’s an animal lover. (Dev + doggo = happy us. And loud squee-ing noises, to be honest.)  

— On another shallow note, boy fills out a suit quite well. 

— And in case you were wondering, he has a mean street-style game, too.

— We’re in good company in our Dev devotion. Ellen DeGeneres gave him the title of “Sexiest Man Alive” when he visited the show back in January. So well deserved, even if Dev was like, “Aw, shucks, me?”

And his “Lion” co-star Nicole Kidman recognizes his swag as well. 

Watch out, Keith Urban.

— Heck, even his ex-girlfriend and “Slumdog Millionaire” co-star Freida Pinto gave him props on Instagram for his Best Supporting Actor Oscar nom.

So clearly, he’s best supporting ex-boyfriend, too.

Now would be a good time to mention what a ridiculously good-looking couple they were a few years back.

So pretty.

— Lastly, Dev’s work on “Lion” didn’t end when he was done filming. He’s been busy promoting #LionHeart, a social impact campaign which will provide financial support to the over 11 million children who live on the streets of India. Here’s our boy asking people to contribute: 

In conclusion, Dev Patel is a super talented actor and a stand-up guy with amazing hair. 

Cheers to you, Dev. We’re pulling for you and your epic curls Sunday night!

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The Story Behind That Photo Of Leo Texting After His Oscar Win

It took Leonardo DiCaprio five nominations to win an Oscar and one photo to prove he was chill about it. 

You remember the one: Leo, seated away from the crowd at the Vanity Fair party, head bent over a phone while his Oscar sits on the floor between his legs. Just a casual night out in an Armani tux.

Evidence of an A-lister acting normal after scoring Hollywood’s biggest prize is made for online vitality, and the Leo photo didn’t disappoint. Even Oscar winners need to text their buddies, right?

Jeff Vespa, a veteran celebrity photographer who used to work for Warner Bros. and New Line Cinema, was the lucky person to snap the picture. Vepsa has captured Hollywood events since shooting the “Bulworth” premiere in 1998. On that fateful Oscar night last year, he spotted DiCaprio in a corner, an entourage flanking him. Vespa asked to grab the Best Actor winner for a few posed shots, to which his publicist responded, “No problem, just give him a minute.” 

Vespa noticed DiCaprio set his Oscar on the floor, which struck him as interesting. Who would let go of their coveted little gold man? “That alone is crazy,” he said. “You just don’t see that.” And then, like the parting of the Red Sea, the crowd surrounding DiCaprio dispersed, leaving the actor typing on his phone. There was Vespa’s moment. He seized it. “Literally after, I saw the people move back in front of him, obscuring the view,” Vespa said. 

So goes the clamor of post-Oscar photographs. Vepsa is a key figure in that scene, having co-founded WireImage, the entertainment platform that Getty Images acquired in 2007. Vespa has shot the Governors Ball and the Vanity Fair party ― two illustrious Oscar galas ― for more than a decade. Having befriended many celebrities and their publicists throughout his tenure, which includes serving as official photographer of the Sundance and Toronto film festivals, Vespa has captured defining backstage moments now lodged in the Oscars’ glitzy history.

“My life is lived in a matter of seconds,” Vespa said. Miss an unlikely interaction or the shimmer of a winner’s golden statues, and that’s that. 

For the time time in years, Vespa will sit out Sunday’s Oscars. He directed his first film last year, the historical drama “Amre,” so Vespa is stepping away from certain photographic duties to embrace the other side of Hollywood. Soon, the photographer could become the photographed.

In the meantime, The Huffington Post has a gallery of Vespa’s celebrity images over the years. You can see more on his Instagram.

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