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It's National Beer Day!

I'm about to drop some history on you… and provide an additional example as to why FDR was one progressive and effective President. On April 7, 1933, the Cullen-Harrison Act was enacted (signed by FDR) and allowed

Cyborgs Are Real…

Cyborgs are happening with real people… right now… at workplaces in Sweden (which by the way, is consistently ranked as one of the top countries to live in).  Get the implant and you won't have to worry

Show Me The Money!

  A Fresno man won $69k on Wheel of Fortune this week… Two years after his wife won $50k on the same show.  He wasn't the obvious winner from the beginning either.  He totally creeped up on

Must. Watch. TV.

We are all guilty of watching garbage on TV… Chaz included his week as he found himself in a Bay Area hotel watching a combination of TV coverage of the NFL Combine and a Chinese newscast without