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The Morning After with Skippy!

Tune into The Morning After with Skippy from 6am - 10am!  Click here to check out what you missed on today's show.

The Tac Ops Office Assault - Click to enter

Enter your office to win a Tac Ops Office Assault party courtesy of Tac Ops Mission Based Laser in Fresno on North Golden State - Just click to enter YOUR workplace now and make your workplace the ultimate laser tag area

Loveline - Sunday - Thursday night at 10pm

Let Dr. Drew & Psycho Mike help you out every Sunday through Thursday night, with Loveline at 10pm with New Rock 104.1! Watch LIVE!

Passport Approved with Sat Bisla

Every Sunday, at 7pm, Sat Bisla brings you the best New Rock music from around the world and brings it to you first. Passport Approved..........Acting Locally, Thinking Globally
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Listener Dating Tips for 2014
Yesterday on the air, between rounds of "Are You Smarter than the Night Guy?" and bashing Drew for his jerk-style driving moves, I shared an article about hilarious and sexist dating "tips" from 1938. Click here for that article. Today, I asked...
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The Goush (The Girl-Douche)
There is no need to point out the obvious, but I am anyways. Girls are getting pretty Douchey. This is a new phenomena that has developed over the past 10 years. Why it's happening I have no idea, but it is. It used to be a man's role to...
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Will You Go See Dumb & Dumber 2?
Let's be honest. I'm a sucker for comedies, whether they be smart comedies or stupid ones. Sometimes, all I want to do after work is maybe have some pizza, a Dr. Pepper, and watch a comedy. Some of my favorites of all time include "Step...
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The art of the cover song - MY favorite cover songs
Cover songs are good and bad, Good in the sense if a band can make it their own and bring something to it, or if they do it 'straight laced', at least the passion of being a fan of the band you are covering comes out. They can be bad if they just...
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Concert Calendar

Anthony Jeselnik at the Tower Theatre

You know him from Comedy Central and he's coming to Fresno, Anthony Jeselnik - At the Tower Theatre on Thursday night, May 1st - Click to get tickets now plus keep listening to New Rock to score tickets to the show - Anthony Jeselnik at the Tower on May 1st

Summerland 2014 this Summer

Sunday, July 20th at the Visalia Fox Theatre, featuring Everclear, Soul Asylum, Eve 6 and Spacehog - Tickets on sale now at the Visalia Fox Theatre box office, so get yours now - Benefitting the Sound + Vision Foundation and the Visalia Arts Consortium
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