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New Releases in Theaters:

No Good Deed—Idris Elba stars as a cryptic man who's granted access into an ex-D.A.'s house after posing as a broken-down motorist in this home-invasion thriller from director Sam Miller.

Dolphin Tale 2—A group of sympathetic humans help a dolphin with a damaged tail in this heartwarming sequel to the surprise 2011 hit. Inspired by actual events, Dolphin Tale 2 is written and directed by Charles Martin Smith.

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Other cool stuff:

Season Home Opener at Bulldog Stadium Saturday 9/13 vs. Nebraska! Join us for the official New Rock 104.1 Tailgate at Swiggs (Shaw/Sixth) starting at 530 PM for food, drinks and a free shuttle to and from the game. Click here for all the info.

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Little Kid with Missing Hand Becomes Iron Man

A real-life 'Iron Man': 3-year-old boy fitted with 3D-printed prosthetic hand


A 3-year-old Maui boy with a birth defect is one step closer to being a real-life "Iron Man" thanks to a 3D-printed prosthetic , KHON 2 News reported.

Rayven Kahae, or "Bubba" as his family calls him, was born with amniotic band syndrome (ABS). The condition causes fiber-like bands to form in the amniotic sac that can wrap around parts of the baby's body, reducing blood supply and restricting normal growth, according to the National Institutes of Health. The severity of ABS can vary from affecting one finger or toe to an entire arm or leg.

Bubba always knew he was different, but he thrived despite his disability, according to his grandmother, Rulan Waikiki.

"He knew from earlier on when he could notice that his sister had two hands and he didn't -- that he always said he doesn't like that hand he wanted one like [his sister]," Waikiki said.

Commercially made prosthetics used to cost up to $40,000 – but that changed when 3D-printing technology became available for patients like Bubba.

Earlier this year, Waikiki happened upon a website for the nonprofit group, E-Nable, which operates off donations and volunteers to provide 3D-printed prosthetics for patients at no cost.

Last week, Bubba was one of those patients. His family captured his excitement on camera when his 3D-printed prosthetic hand arrived in the mail.
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Karma is a Beautiful Thing

Teens Arrested in Assault of Mentally Disabled Man

Source: Randall Chase Associated Press

Two Delaware teens were charged with assaulting a mentally disabled man after they complained to police that they were being harassed because of a video of the attack that had been posted to social media, authorities said Monday. A third teen turned himself in Monday evening.

Police also said they are seeking more suspects.

Personal contact information for the first two teens, ages 13 and 14, was shared online with the video. They were arrested Saturday after they and their parents went to police headquarters to complain about threatening phone calls, said New Castle County police officer Tracey Duffy. The third teen, age 14, turned himself in at the New Castle County Police Department headquarters Monday, police said in a news release. He also is from Newark.

All three boys were charged with offensive touching, assault of a vulnerable adult, and conspiracy. The two teens who were arrested Saturday were released on bonds of $2,500 after being arraigned. The teen who turned himself in Monday was awaiting arraignment. None of their names was released, and The Associated Press generally doesn't name juveniles accused of crimes.

Investigators believe the 27-year-old victim was assaulted more than once. They are still trying to determine how many times and the number of people involved, but county police sergeant Jacob Andrews said Monday afternoon that investigators are looking at "definitely more arrests."

Meanwhile, the victim's godmother said he had to be assured that he wasn't to blame for what happened.

"He thought he was in trouble," Debra Hunter-Lee, 51, told The Associated Press on Monday. "I told him he wasn't in trouble, it wasn't his fault."

Investigators believe the first attack happened sometime in July, with the most recent a couple of weeks ago. Duffy said the victim, who lives in the same apartment complex as one of the suspects arrested Saturday, was treated for a non-life-threatening injury after one of the attacks, but she declined to provide details.

Hunter-Lee said when she asked the victim why he hadn't told anybody about the bullying, he replied, "I was embarrassed."

She then told him he was not in trouble.

"He jumped up and hugged me ... because he actually thought he had done something wrong."

Duffy said the two suspects were arrested after police investigating their complaints looked at the video, which shows the victim being body-slammed to the ground, stomped on and repeatedly punched in the head.

Duffy said she didn't know whether the suspects were cooperating with authorities.

Hunter-Lee said one of the teens is a known bully who has threatened other children and has been in trouble with the law before. She said when she and the victim's mother went to talk to the suspect's mother, the woman became defensive.

Hunter-Lee said police interviewed the victim at a hospital over the weekend and came by the apartment complex Monday morning to check on him.

He is staying with a friend of the family for his own protection, she said.

"You have some kids around the complex who would embrace him ... and then you have those kids who would take advantage of him," said Hunter-Lee.

Gov. Jack Markell, who has been an advocate for employing the disabled, condemned the assault, saying he was "horrified and sickened" by the actions of the young people in the video.

Sixteen-year-old Angeliz Marrero, of New Castle County, told WPVI-TV in Philadelphia that she reposted the video to her Instagram followers after she first spotted it.

"I was so mad, but at the same time, the first thing I thought was, 'I have to do something about this,'" Marrero said.

After she posted it, Marrero said her followers went from 2,000 to 20,000 in less than 24 hours.

Hunter-Lee said the victim suffers from Williams syndrome, a developmental disorder that is characterized, among other things, by intellectual disability or learning problems, outgoing personalities and distinctive facial features.

Hunter-Lee said her godson likes to listen to music, watch TV and walk around the neighborhood.

"He has an infectious smile," said Hunter-Lee, who said she and her friends are encouraging people to wear yellow T-shirts in a show of support because yellow is his favorite color.
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Need Weekend Plans?

Here are some options.

New Releases:

The Identical—One man's passion for music leads him to question his faith and his identity following a shocking revelation about the family past in this musical drama set in the 1950, just as rock 'n' roll began to dominate the airwaves. All Ryan Wade (Blake Rayne) ever wanted was to make music. Ryan's dreams of performing on the stage before thousands of screaming fans are seemingly dashed, however, when his preacher father (Ray Liotta) and devout mother (shley Judd) pressure him to join the ministry. Later, with the support of his wife (Erin Cottrell), his best friend (Seth Green), and his manager (Joe Pantoliano), Ryan finds fame as "The Identical" a rock 'n' roll singer who looks and sounds just like the legendary Drexel Hemsley. Meanwhile, as Ryan's desire to perform his own music begins to overshadow his hunger for the spotlight, a discovery regarding his origins during the Great Depression leads to a spiritual and existential crisis that threatens tragedy for both himself and the popular rocker he earns a living impersonating.

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Other cool stuff:

Football, football, football! Fresno State at Utah Saturday 9/6 and NFL action all day long on Sunday 9/7. Enjoy!
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Nailed It!

Hilarious Video Shows How Every Mumford and Sons Song Sounds Exactly the Same


You know that feeling when you're listening to a brand new Mumford and Sons song but you swear you've heard it before? That's probably because most of the songs stick to a pretty specific formula. This video, created by YouTuber Dion Beary, captures that formula pretty well.

We should note that the lack of banjo is pretty disappointing, but otherwise, it's pretty much perfect.

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Not All Compliments are Created Equal

Think you're a casanova? Well, based on your choice of pick up lines and compliments, you could actually be pretty creepy.

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Need Weekend Plans?

Here are some options:

New Releases in Theaters: 

As Above/So Below—A group of subterranean explorers encounter terror beneath the streets of Paris after descending into the city's ancient catacombs. Just when it seems their journey can't get any more nightmarish, the demons of their pasts strike back with a vengeance.

November Man—A legendary ex-CIA agent emerges from retirement to protect a witness, but his mission lands him in the sights of his former protégé in this cat-and-mouse spy thriller based on the novel There are no Spies by Bill Granger. Having serves the CIA loyally for years, Peter Devereaux (Pierce Brosnan) retreates to Switzerland to live out the rest of his days in peace. Peter finds himself drawn back into the fray, however, when he's tasked with watching after Alice Fournier (Olga Kurylenko) - a witness who some very powerful people would rather see silenced. Meanwhile, Peter meets his match in the form of David Mason (Luke Bracey), the very agent he once trained. Now, with the bullets flying from all sides, Peter must survive long enough to protect Alice, and root out the mole who has put his entire mission in jeopardy.

Click here for movie info, show times, reviews and more.

Join New Rock on the Streets:

Saturday 8/30/14 from 1-3 PM at Pick N Pull.  Jake will be on site with deals from Pick N Pull plus New Rock prizes.  

Have an awesome Labor Day!
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Trailer Released for New Foo Fighters HBO Series

The band has been busy recording a series for HBO about the making of their new album, “Sonic Highways” due out 11/10/14, plus a tour to come in 2014.  Check out a sneak peek. 

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Need Weekend Plans?

New Releases in Theaters:

Sin City: A Dame to Die For—The town's most hard-boiled citizens cross paths with some of its more reviled inhabitants.  Stars Josh Borlin, Mickey Rourke, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Jessica Alba.

If I Stay—A car accident lands 17-year-old Mia in a coma and claims the life of her family.

When the Game Stands Tall—The journey of legendary football coach Bob Ladouceur (Jim Caviezel), who took the De La Salle High School Spartans from obscurity to a 151-game winning streak that shattered all records for any American sport.

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Jared Leto as Jesus?

Ever see someone’s big ol’ beard and thought, “I really just want to clean that up a little for you?” Apparently, that’s what happened to Jimmy Fallon when Jared Leto was on the show recently.  Ever so gracious, Jared obliged and did thank him for “trimming my bush” after he finished.

Yes, this is what famous people do in their free time…. Or on the clock rather.

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