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Born and raised here in the valley, I like me some sports, music, food, beer, Elvis (which is under the music umbrella) and a bunch of other stuff that you'll need to listen for to uncover. Host of the 90s at Noon as well. I wreck shop when I need to.

The Afternoon Buzz with Hammer

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Host/Ringleader of the Afternoon Buzz from 3pm - 7pm - He enjoys music, beer, music about beer and all other dope 'ish. He's also a proud father when not fighting crime or talking on radios about things.


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Sunday Nights - your host of New Rock Homegrown

Want to know about Drew? Just ask him.........or look for him at Starbucks....he drinks at least 8 iced coffees a day, we're not kidding

Loveline with Dr Drew and Mike

Sunday - Thursdays: 10pm - 12am

Loveline follows the call-in question-and-answer model with the primary goal of helping youth and young adults with relationship, sexuality, and drug addiction problems, check it out on New Rock 104.1

Skratch N Sniff

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