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The Morning After with Skippy

Weekdays: 6am - 10am

Welcome to the Morning After with Skippy on New Rock 104.1, available Monday-Friday 6-10 AM.
Instagram/Twitter- @shutupskippy

Wake up, have coffee, turn on radio, let Skippy do the rest


Weekdays: 10a-3p
Saturdays: 3p- 7p
Sunday Nights - your host of New Rock Homegrown

Want to know about Drew? Just ask him.........or look for him at Starbucks....he drinks at least 8 iced coffees a day, we're not kidding

The Afternoon Buzz with Hammer

Weekdays: 3pm - 7pm 
Sundays: Noon to 7pm

Host/Ringleader of the Afternoon Buzz from 3pm - 7pm - He enjoys music, beer, music about beer and all other dope 'ish. He's also a proud father when not fighting crime or talking on radios about things.

Skratch N Sniff

Saturdays: 10p-12a
DJ Mike Czech and Malcolm REMIXXXING your radio! Hit em' up at snsmix.com

Out of Order with Stryker - Every Sunday 10am

Sundays: 10am-Noon (Shhhhhhhh, with a replay at 10pm Sunday nights)

"Out Of Order" is a weekly alt-rock radio show hosted by Stryker. We play the top 20 rock songs in the nation, along with other hand picked tracks we think our audience will find cool, fun, or just plain weird.


Ozmosis with Mike Oz - Elevate Your Taste every Sunday night

Sundays: 9pm-10pm

Elevate your test every Sunday night with new jams for your ears with Ozmosis, brought to you by Tioga Sequoia Brewing Company