Monday Blind Bets Recap: 4 Legged Success

During Fridays, or as we call them on The Drew Show “Friyays,” Drew and I go over a plethora of news stories from all things nerd to the extra jocky sports. Right before we dive deep into sports we do a segment known as “Blind Bets.” This is where I go over matches from the sports world and throw theoretical dollars on these games. I could tell by Friyay morning that this past weekend was bringing good fortune. Primarily because of an old rule in sports:

If a good team gets embarrassed, PRAY for their next opponent, because they are going to face a world of hurt. Case and point, I declared a four-leg REVENGE Parlay. All of the games had the theme of revenge behind their corner and I was All in for that. The teams I picked went as followed:

Raiders vs New England Patriots: Raiders ML (money line)

Chelsea vs Leicester City: Chelsea ML

Man City vs Crystal Palace: Man City ML

Liverpool vs Bournemouth: Liverpool ML

Though they were all favorites, Liverpool being a -1000 favorite, adding them together made the parlay a +237. meaning if you bet $100, you would win back you $100 and also an additional $237. Before I continue with the scores, I would like to say that you should ONLY BET WHAT YOU CAN AFFORD and if you have a gambling problem you should seek help. You can find it at this website here:


Now without further delay, let’s go over the results:


Raiders vs New England: Raiders 23-6.

Chelsea vs Leicester City: Chelsea 2-1 over Leicester

Man City vs Crystal Palace: Man City 4-2 over the Palace

Liverpool vs Bournemouth: Liverpool 9-0. No really it was 9-0.

4/4 Parlay Successful.

A big win before the start of the college football season and NFL season. We now have momentum that will spring us into a great college football week 1!